Into the great mystery – A Reconnection to Nature by John P. Milton

Sustainability and global warming are buzz-words heard frequently these days and they have been around for decades.
Yet, our transition to a sustainable way of living is very slow and climate scientists fear that we don’t have much time to act if we are about to survive on this planet.

Today many people argue that we first must make an inner shift before we can address our outer challenges, since what we create in our outer world is just a reflection of our inner nature. But how do we do that? How do we shift into a mindset that is in harmony and balance with nature and each other, acting like stewards and caretakers for this earth, our home?

To empower this shift is the vision and life work of renowned American ecology professor, Tai Chi master and environmental pioneer John P. Milton. In Crestone, Colorado, at over 8’000 feet elevation, John shares his experience in pristine wilderness, held sacred since ancient times.

John Milton is seen as a founding father of the environmental movement in the United Stats. In the sixties he was the first ecologist on staff at the White House and a member of the Presidents Council of Economic Advisors. Miltons extensive environmental studies became a 1000 page publication on Ecology and International Development that greatly contributed to the first United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972.

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