Anne Kittelmann – ‘Soul Portraits’

The essence


In my experience every soul chooses the moment of birth to create a perfect bodily blend of the elements. This personal blend is like a toolbox of a craftsman giving artistic character to all actions. The elementary toolbox contains all tools needed to help the souls endeavor towards victory. Victory is action that serves the self and the whole equally by being aligned with the souls purpose. With the portrait I wish to create a space where your unique blend of elements can show its beauty. The image is a combination between a shamanic power design and a spiritual icon. With the shamanic aspect I celebrate our common origin, Mother Earth. Thanks to her we are all brothers and sisters. The animals and plants in the image reflecting your wisdom and creative powers are sharing with them. This part of the portrait is a visual translation of the unique elementary mixture you have. With the spiritual- mystical aspect I honor your cosmic origin. The divine can only incarnate in the individual. Personal uniqueness is the channel to shine the divine light. With the image of spiritual creatures I give a symbolic translation of the unique mystical light I experience in my connection with you.



The Soul Portrait is meant to be a personal tarot card and modern icon of individual holiness in one. I was always under the spell of tarot cards and icon paintings. They both uplift and enhance the beauty of the picture itself with a deep symbolic and archetypal meaning. Archetypes connect us to our higher self, our lightbody. Symbols are important visual vibrations to nurture our subconscious mind with essential and potent information. While working on a portrait I feel totally aligned. There are no questions, just the information coming in and the joy of translating the information by using my own unique creative potential. Therefor it’s in my experience a co-creation with spirit, the one who gets portrait and myself. Doing this work is an important part of living my destiny and manifesting my spiritual name, which is Guru Karta. This means ‘God is the Doer’. I’m still stunned and grateful for this name, knowing that originally, icon painters didn’t sign their work by name because of the conviction that they are merely the vessel and God the doer. According to the tradition of icon painting one uses mainly natural materials. My working on papyrus with egg tempera and oil paint sticks is based on this idea of creating a picture as natural as possible. Like my predecessors I believe that the making of the Soul Portrait is a spiritual act. I pray before starting and mostly chant mantra’s or listen to uplifting spiritual music during sketching and painting.



The drawing is intuitive. I receive the symbols of the picture by connecting myself with your higher self. In the past decade I have mastered my gift of ‘conceiving visions’ with yoga and meditation. By writing a text about the picture and the meaning of the symbols I share the experiences I had during the visual creative process. Further more the text explains the powers and virtues that are visualized by the symbols. I link the experiences and symbols with information about the soul I obtain out of the evolutionary astrology . I reflect on what you have learned and now bringing forward into this life as a self image. I reflect on your desires in previous lives, your deepest issues of security, the fuel driving the search for truth, the activities that lead to that fulfillment and more.



MATERIAL: Thick papyrus paper, egg tempera and oil paint sticks. FORMAT + PRICE: 46 x 65 cm = € 580,- or 65 × 93 cm = € 780,- (excl. shipping). ACCOMPANYING TEXT : 7 – 10 pages. LANGUAGE: Choice out of Dutch, English or German. If you like a portrait without the tekst I give € 100,- reduction on the price. Paying in up to 3 parts is possible. REQUIRED INFORMATION: Your date and place of birth + time of birth if available. TIMESPAN OF CREATION: The process needs more or less one month in total. Shipping time comes on top of this.

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