januari 10, 2019
Short introduction on the three natures; Inner, Outer and True Nature. “The process that combines the three natures, we call the ‘Way of Nature'”
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Trailer “Way Of Nature – A Modern Shamanic Rite of Passage with John P. Milton” (2013) – following host and shaman Manex Ibar, with 3 friends Jay, Anne-So and Amaia, they venture into the sacred place known for centuries as vision valley by the Native Americans for it’s special power during Vision Quest. Each goes...
Read More Als je naar de grootste systeemcrises van onze planeet kijkt, en je wil ze oplossen, wat zie je dan? De plant. Alleen planten en vooral vaste planten en bomen kunnen uitgeputte bodems weer vruchtbaar maken, water vasthouden en temperaturen weer in balans brengen. Planten binden CO2 terwijl ze leven en leveren ons het gezondste voedsel en de meest...
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Wouter van Eck describes how Food Forests work on his farm (Food Forest Ketelbroek/…) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Take this inspiring walk with him to see how we could adapt perennial polycultures and natural structures into our farming and daily lives! Category
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